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All the download links will provide you with the *full* and will take around 20 minutes each to download if you have a standard dial-up connection. If you have broadband/asdl this time will be reduced considerable, maybe only a couple of minutes. If you know of other tracks or even have any videos of Brian again please let me know.

If a file downloaded does not play correctly please let me know so that I may sort it out.

To play a Track: Left-click on the link and your default media player should automatically start playing the track.

To Download a Track: Right-click on the link and select "Save Target As"


Bilbo Baggins / Bilbo - The Singles

Back Home
Dance to The Band
Dole Q Blues
Don't Blame It On Me
Don't Blame It On Me (Disco Version)
He Mustn't Know
Hold Me
I Can Feel Mad
It's A Shame
Monday Morning Blues
Please Sir
Run With The Devil
Saturday Night
She's Gonna Win
The Sha-Na-Na-Na Song
What's Goin' On
You Wanna Be Your Lover


Chisholm & Spence- Chisholm & Spence

You Can't Get Near Enough To The One You Love
One Kiss
I Wouldn't Leave You Crying Alone
Dirty Work
Dearest John
Your Last Letter
I Didn't Know
Stay With Me Tonight
Down, Down Nights
Come To Bed


Brian Spence: Brothers

Hear It From The Heart
Will You Never Be My Friend
Making Up For Lost Time
Back Door
When It Hurts (only on CD)
I Will Call You Family
Love Is The Glory
Breaking Every Stone
Wondering How To Cry
Ghandi (We Will Write)
Promotional White Label Seque


Brian Spence: Reputation

Come Back Home
Without Your Love
There You Go
You Got The Whip
Hand In Hand
See The Boy
Sliding Down
Will She Be Home Again
My Arms Are Strong


Brian Spence: Non-album Tracks

Get Up, Get Out
City Of Shadows
Hear It From The Heart (Extended Version)
I Still Don't Know
Reputation (Long Version)
Travellin' Man (Radio Edit)
Travellin' Man (Reservation Mix)


Travellin' Man (Instrumental)
Travellin' Man (Reservation Dub Mix)
Travellin' Solo
When She Runs
River To Heaven (with Danny Litchfield)


The Wish - Postcards

None of the tracks by The Wish are downloadable here as the album is still readily available. Should you want a copy you can buy one through Spence Music on the Shop page. If you want to listen to samples or read the lyrics I also recommend visiting The Wish's Official web site. There are a number of samples for downloading and all the lyrics available there. If this changes then I will review the situation.

Midnight Fire  
Postcards From Spain  
The Spell  
Down With Down  
High On The Hillside  
Virginia Hills  
Money's All Gone  
Baby Blue  
Other Side Of The World  
Big House  
Lay Your Hands  
The Wedding  


The Wish - Non-Album Tracks

Cruel Crazy Woman    
This Time    


Picnic at Hanging Rock

Video Downloads
Music Download  


Other Artists Perform Brian Spence

Michael Ball - From Here To Eternity
Michael Ball - From Here To Eternity (Highland Mix)
Michael Ball - From Here To Eternity (Vision Mix)
Michael Ball - My Arms Are Strong
Michael Ball - My Arms Are Strong (Lee-Rig Mix)
Michael Ball - The Lovers We Were
Michael Ball - The Lovers We Were (Saxy Mix)
Michael Ball - When We Began
Colin Chisholm - Hibs Heroes
Fax-U - I Who Have Nothing (Radio Mix)
Debbie McKenna - Lover Boy
Debbie McKenna - One Love
Dusty Springfield - Reputation
Dusty Springfield - Reputation (Lots of Fun 12" Mix)
Dusty Springfield - Rep U Dub 2
The Mood - I Don't Want You Love Now
Wolfgang Petry - Und W-w-w-wer Küßt Mich


Other Artists Produced by Brian Spence

4 Play - 100 Degrees  
4 Play - 4 Play  
4 Play - Hey Girl  
4 Play - How Can I Lose You  
4 Play - I Miss U  
4 Play - Jump  
4 Play - Most Wanted  
4 Play - Not A Player  
Fax U Feat. Debbie McKenna - I Who Have Nothing  

Rockzone Station IDs

Supplied by DJAOR, a dj with Rockzone, a Portuguese internet radio station, that plays rock music (melodic rock, adult oriented rock, etc.). DJAOR, a Brian Spence fan, asked Brian if he would record an ID for the station and Brian was happy to help. DJAOR added "Hear It From The Heart" underneath Brian's vocal endorsement. DJAOR was happy to share this with other Brian Spence fans and so we are lucky enough to have the following two station id's.

Rockzone also broadcasts in the Lisbon area on Radio Ocidente 88:00 FM every Sunday between 20:00 to 22:00

Station ID 1 - "Hi, I'm Brian Spence. Keep listening to RockZone online radio."

Station ID 2 - "Hi, I'm Brian Spence. Keep listening to RockZone with DJAOR and Pidamaxi on The Mix"


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