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Baggins and Bilbo

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BILBO BAGGINS - 1974 to 1976

The band comprised of Colin Chisholm (lead vocals), Jimmy Devlin (bass), Gordon Liddle (drums), Brian Spence (guitar), and Gordon McIntosh (guitar) and Brian, who was aged 17 at the time. There was no albums during this period, however, there were a few singles, which are listed below.


Side A - Saturday Night
Side B - Monday Morning Blues
1974 (UK) Polydor 2058 479

Side A - The Sha-Na-Na-Na Song
Side B - Run With The Devil
1974 (UK) Polydor 2058 530

I Can Feel Mad vinyl centreSide A - Hold Me
Side B - Dance to The Band
1975 (UK) Polydor 2058 575

Side A - Back Home
Side B - What's Goin' On
1976 (UK) Polydor 2058 667

Side A - It's A Shame
Side B - Please Sir
1976 (UK) Polydor 2058 707

Side A - I Can Feel Mad
Side B - Dole Q Blues
1978 (UK) Lightning LIG 521

Singles Credits

  • "Back Home" written by George Kooymans; produced by Miki Dallon.
  • "Dance To The Band" written by Gordon Liddle; produced by Miki Dallon.
  • "Dole Q Blues" written by Liddle, Chisholm, McIntosh and Spence; produced by Drew Simpson.
  • "Hold Me" written by Little, Oppenheim and Schuster; produced by Miki Dallon.
  • "I Can Feel Mad" written by Brian Spence; produced by Drew Simpson.
  • "It's A Shame" written by Alan Blakeley; produced by Alan Blakley.
  • "Monday Morning Blues" written by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington;produced by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington.
  • "Please Sir" written by Brian Spence; produced by Alan Blakley.
  • "Run With The Devil" written by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington;produced by Bickerton and Waddington.
  • "Saturday Night" written by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington; produced by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington.
  • "The Sha-Na-Na-Na Song" written by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington; produced by Bickerton and Waddington.
  • "What's Goin' On" written by Brian Spence; produced by Miki Dallon.

Alan Wright, having played bass guitar with another Edinburgh based band, Threashold (the band which also included Les McKeown who went on to join The Bay City Rollers), believes he joined the band. However, Brian tells me that it was Tam Paton, their manager (who was also manager of The Bay City Rollers at the same time), who wanted Alan to become a member, although he never actually did.

As a side note, "Saturday Night" was also recorded by the The Bay City Rollers in 1973, the lead vocalist at that time was Nobby Clark. Bilbo Baggins' version was recorded around the same time. No one is really sure which version was recorded first, BCR or BB, although neither version succeeded.

BILBO - 1978

Unlike Bilbo Baggins all tracks were now written by Brian Spence alone. Again, I am unaware of any albums during this period. However, there were a few singles, which are listed below, one of which made it into the charts! The reason for the shortening of the name? I have no idea.

Front of She's Gonna Win single cover


Side A - She's Gonna Win * §
Side B - You Wanna Be Your Lover
1978 (UK) Lightning LIG 548

Side A - Don't Blame It On Me
Side B - Don't Blame It On Me (Disco Version)
1978 (UK) Lightning LIG 551

Side A - America
Side B - He Mustn't Know
1978 (UK) Lightning LIG 556

* Reached number 42 in UK charts
§ Wolfgang Petry released a version of "She's Gonna Win" in 1978 called "Und w-w-wer küsst mich?" (translates as "And w w who kisses me?"). The writing credits were given as Brian Spence, K. van Haaren and R.Marcard, produced by ziert von Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann

Reverse of She's Gonna Win single coverAmerica single cover (nice boots)

Singles Credits
  • "America" produced by by Alan Blakley and Bilbo.
  • "Don't Blame It On Me" produced by Alan Blakley.
  • "He Mustn't Know" produced by Bilbo.
  • "She's Gonna Win" produced by Alan Blakley.
  • "You Wanna Be Your Lover" produced by Bilbo.

In August 2005 Brian met up with three of the former members of Bilbo Baggins in Edinburgh. The meeting went well and I am hopeful of a reunion gig at sometime. For more information see the news news item - Bilbo Baggins Reunited.


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