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Home > On Record - Brothers

Released in 1986
  • Germany CD IMS 829 842-2
  • UK Vinyl LP POLD 5195
  • UK Cassette Polydor POLDC 5195
  • UK CD Polydor 829 842-2
  • USA Vinyl LP Polydor 829 842-1
Brothers album (CD) cover

All songs written by Brian Spence. Brothers was released by Polydor in September 1986.

Album Credits
All songs written by Brian Spence
Published by Clermiston Music
Produced by Ed Stasium and Brian Spence

BRIAN SPENCE - Guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals
GERARD JOHNSON - Additional keyboards
ED STASIUM - Percussion

Recorded by Ed Stasium at Air Studios, London (assisted by Jon Jacobs and Carl Lever), and Music Works Studios, London (assisted by Gerard Johnson)
Mixed by Ed Stasium at Britannia Row, London (assisted by Graham Meek and Arabella Rodriguez)

Photography - Eric Watson
Art Direction - Alwyn Clayden
Design - Green Ink Agency
* Premier Talent (North America),
* Harvey Goldsmith Entertainments (U.K. and Europe)
Management by Kip Krones

Thank You:
Kenny, Stuart & Douglas; Susan & Madge; Colin Chisholm; Fid, Doug & Tosh; Jimmy Devlin; Tam White; David Duff; Sean & Debbie; Tracy; Angela Bond; Rovena; Allan Alderson & Nigel Palmer @ Scarf; Brian Carr & Tim Spencer; Emma, Louise, Kate & Francine; Alan McBlane; Jayne Crocker,

Special Thanks: Nick Garvey, Ed, Kip & Mickey Fitzsimons
This album is dedicated to Margaret & Tom.

Original sound recording made by Polydor Ltd. (London)
(P) 1986 Polydor Ltd. (London) © Polydor Ltd. (London) 1986

Heart if From the Hear advert

Singles from Album
Brothers Sungle Cover
Hear It From The Heart Single Cover

Promotional Material

Record companies often issue biographies with promotional copies of album or singles. Polydor was no different for Brian. The USA issued one for the album "Brothers" and Germany for the single "Hear It From The Heart".

USA "Brothers" Bio

German "Hear It From The Heart" Bio

    USA Brothers Biography
    German Hear It From The Heart Promaotional Sheet

In addition they released a special 12" promotional white label which was a melody of 7 tracks melded into 9 minutes of music. The tracks were

  • Hear It From The Heart
  • Will You Never Be My Friend
  • Brothers
  • Making Up For Lost Time
  • Back Door
  • Breaking Every Stone
  • Ghandi (We Will Write)

A copy of this can be found on the Download page.


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