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Buying Advice

I am often asked where can you buy Brian's music. Unfortunately, none of Brian's music is on current release . However, you can still find his music if you know where to look. If you are interested in buy Brian's music try these sites. They are in alphabetical order, not in order of any preference. If you are unsure please feel free to contact me.

eBay Ebay - The world's leading auction website. It claims that it has 5 million items for sale, which can make it a great place for buying. However, Brian's music does only appear occasionally, but it is often worth the wait. The link provides a view on Brian Spence related items *worldwide*.
GEMM GEMM - Global Electronic Music Marketplace describes itself as "World's largest music catalog". Which it probably is. It is a great resource for everyone wanting to find that elusive record, video or book. It houses "13 million items from more than 4,000 sellers", so basically it is an affiliation of record and book shops from around the world, mainly American but there are British, Dutch, etc. in there too. I have bought a lot of items through GEMM and it is good.
Music Stack MusicStack - Another search site, similar to GEMM. Worth a try.
Netsounds Music Netsounds - A UK based equivalent of GEMM, "The UK's No 1 Music Market Place". This is an Internet music (vinyl and CD) search engine. I tried to create a link that searches for Brian Spence material at Netsounds, however, the link does not work from a website, but does when placed in the favourites. Go figure.

Note for Internet Buyers - For those of you nervous about an auction site or buying on the 'net, DON'T PANIC! In the main, it is safe. Buying from the Internet, using your credit card is generally safer than handing your card over in a restaurant. Look for a padlock icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser and/or the URL being https instead of http. These are indications of a secure site.

Other things to look for are:

Check the sellers feedback before bidding. The more positive references the better.

Check that they will deliver to your country (most of the traders are American and don't always know their geography too well - as Gil Scott Heron said "...when referring to the trouble in the Middle East they thought they meant Pittsburgh."

Also, look at the method of payment. If they want cash, be wary. PayPal is okay as you provide your credit card details to PayPal and they transfer the amount to the sellers account for a very nominal sum. BidPay is another payment method which creates a cheque in US Dollars and then posts it to the seller, and all for $5. When I first bought an item on eBay, for $10, it cost me a small fortune because I bought currency and arranged for the seller to pick it up at their local post office. Buying the currency cost me about £44, so the whole item cost me £50 for a £6 item. I learnt quickly after that.

Is the item a bootleg? Although you may want bootleg items, tapes of concerts, etc. be warned that eBay monitors their site for bootlegs and for rogue traders. Potentially you could be left with no cash and no goods. However, if the item is legitimate it is general safe if you follow these guidelines.

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