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On this page you will find links to articles from newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. If you have any articles I not listed, please let me know and I will give you name credit.

New Article

A Girl Called Dusty

Dusty Springfield covered "Reputation" written by Brian. It was also the name of the album it appeared on. This is an extract from the biography written by Sharon Davis and published in 2008.


Arthur Shows Heavy Mettle (November 19th 2001)

Boxer Alex Arthur reveals the the music he uses to motivate himself was written by Brian Spence.


Bet Your Life (July 21st 2002)

Article about Henry Spurway life, who worked with Max Clifford to promote Bilbo Baggins and Chisholm and Spence.


Dreamtime Works

SpenceMusic reviews the premiere of Picnic At HAnging Rock musical at Minerva Theatre, Chichester.


Hypnotised Reputation

A brief article about a picture from the back cover of Reputation.


Spence Music and Beyond

An article written by the webmaster on how Spence Music web site was started.


Kerrang! Review of album Brothers (October 30th 1986)

Kerrang! reviews Brian's debut solo album.


Kerrang! Live Review (May 21st 1988)

A review of a live performance by Brian Spence and band at the Marquee Club in London.


Kerrang! Review of album Reputation (July 2nd 1988)

A review of Brian's second solo album, Reputation.


Keeping The Mystery Intact (March 1st 2007)

This is a preview article on Picnic at Hanging Rock that appeared in the Chichester Observer newspaper whilst the musical was being performed in that city.


The Last Laugh - Richmond Theatre (Review)

A review, by David Munro for Indie London, of the play The Last Laugh. The music was by Brian.


The Life Mag: I'm no One hit wonder (May 4th 2001)

Article about Chesney Hawkes, which mentions MacGregor's Trap (written by Brian Spence), in which he appeared along with Debbie McKenna.


Making Music by Brian Spence (October 1988)

This is an article written by Brian about the role of an artist's manager.


The Making of The Trap

This article was exclusively written for Spence Music by the director of "MacGregor's Trap" for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dominic Marshall. It has great insight to how a stage production comes together, has rave reviews and then sits in production limbo. Recommended.


Musical cheers for RLS classic (December 23rd 2001)

An article about the development of the musical MacGregor's Trap, written by Brian Spence.


Mystery Translates Well To Stage

In a review of Picnic at Hanging Rock by Phil Hewitt of The West Sussex Gazette almost gushes at the performances on stage.

New Article

Norfolk Youths Tackle 1970s Classic

Article on a couple of youngsters appear in Picnic at Hanging Rock in Norwich from Diss Express, published on 24 October 2008.

New Article

Norfolk Youths Take On Picnic Play

Good short article on the musical of Picnic at Hanging Rock in the Norwich, from Advertiser24 on 27 October 2008.


Ocean Deep

Writen exclusively for Spence Music Steve Khan, who worked with Brian to produce a number of singles, writes about how he got involved with Brian and provides a small insight into the real Brian Spence.


OM Only Music - New Faces (March 1987)

An America music magazine does a piece introducing Brian Spence to the American public.

New Article

Picnic At Hanging Rock Norfolk Youth Music Theatre

Short preview article on Picnic at Hanging Rock in Norwich from EDP24 and published on 31 October 2008.


Sounds Newspaper (September 6 1986)

Another article about Brian, this time from the UK music newspaper which included a free 7" single with the track "Back Door" as the sampler.


Still The One and Only (January 13th 2002)

Another article about Chesney Hawkes that mentions MacGregor's Trap, which Chesney appeared in.


The Wedding (23rd August, 2003)

In a Spence Music exclusive Mark Hughes gives you the wedding of Brian Spence and Debbie McKenna.

New Article

Young Norfolk Actors Back With Hanging Rock Musical

Great article previewing Norwich's Picnic at Hanging Rock from EDP24, published on 21 October 2008.


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