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25th September 2009

More on Kenny and The Car Parks: Thanks to Steve (see below) we now have a picture of Kenny and The Car Parks, with a cover picture of the band, which includes Brian's brothers Stuart and, of course, Kenny. Click on link for image. Link

Steve is involved in a new book called 45 Revolutions, looking at the seven inch singles between 1976 and 1979. The book has a whopping 1190 pages made up of 4550 colour pictures and 2885 black and white ones. If you are interested click on the following link. Link At £108 on Amazon UK it may be one for a Christmas or birthday present.

12th September 2009

Kenny and The Car ParksKenny and The Car Parks: Steve, from Holland, contacted me about the band Kenny and The Car Parks asking if I knew who, from Bilbo, was on the record as Brian had written both the a and the b side tracks ("Top Speed" and "Never Felt Bad"). Until Steve's email I was totally unaware of this music. So I sent an email to Brian who informs me that both himself and Colin Chisholm from Bilbo were on the tracks, with Colin playing the drums and Brian doing guitar and bass, with both doing harmony vocals.

In addition, Brian's brothers Kenny (yes, THE Kenny) and Stuart are also in the band, along with Derek Thomson plus Gerry whose surname Brian can not remember - well, it was 29 years ago. [editor's update: Stuart Spence has contacted me to say that the above named Gerry is actually Jeremy Walker (or Jerry for short), someone that Stuart knew in school. I'm always amazed at how friendly the whole Spence family are. So thanks again, Stuart.]

If you know of any Brian Spence related music that is not mentioned on this website, like Kenny and the Car Parks, do let me know as it is possible that I am unaware of it.

16th August 2009

Reviews of Bracknell Picnics: Finally we now have pages for the Bracknell performance of Picnic at Hanging Rock, with not one but two reviews - one of which was kindly written by Ritchie from BilboMusic, the sister website to SpenceMusic. Ritchie saw the matinee performance on the Saturday whilst I saw the evening one. However, in the space inbetween performances we had a great natter about all things Spence related. Reviews can be found through the Picnic link on the left or via the link here. Link to Bracknell Picnic.

18th July 2009

Picnic Week: This coming week sees Picnic at Hanging Rock being performed in Bracknell. I'm looking forward to seeing it on the Saturday evening and Ritchie (from Bilbo Music) is watching the Saturday matinee show.

If you want to see Picnic, and I do recommend that you do, tickets can be obtained from the South Hill Park box office on 01344 484123, subject to availability. For more information click on the following link (click on it anyway just to see the misspelling of Brian's name). Link

16th May 2009

Wow! Time really flies. It's been an age since I last did an update - back in December of last years. So what has been happening? Well, to be honest not a lot, except that Brian is working on a new musical. He is keeping the topic close to his chest and not revealing any information.

Apparently he started working on the new musical whilst waiting for something to happen with Jeannie Skye. Seems that it is stuck in limbo. Which is a shame as the parts I have heard (with it's origins in MacGregor's Trap) are great. It would be a tragedy if this music did not get heard by the world.

2008 Recap

Okay, what happened in 2008.

  • Stewart Irving, previously in The Wish with Brian and Debbie got back in contact. It is possible that The Wish may get back together in some form, although live dates are unlikely as Stewart now lives in South Africa.
  • Videos of Spence related music started to appear on YouTube. If you have yet to see them, go to the Videos section here at SpenceMusic or over to YouTube.
  • Norwich Youth Music Theatre had a run with Picnic at Hanging Rock.
  • Talking of Picnic, The Royal Berkshire Academy is planning on staging Picnic at Hanging Rock in July. This will be held in the Wilde Theatre between 22nd and 25th July. Go to http://www.royalberksacademy.com/page15.htm for more information.
  • The Wish album postcards, was meant to be available on iTunes. I just tried to find it without success. I did, however, find it on Amazon for £35. Why bother when you can get it right hear through SpenceMusic for much cheaper.

I hope the next update will be quick than this one. Why not jog me if you want news?

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