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News Archive 2002

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12th December 2002

Went to The Old Blue Last last night for The Wish's regular Tuesday Songwriter's night. Fantastic night with some really talent. The material played by performers ranged from soul and gospel to grunge. One artist, Jennifer P, performed a Spence written track (which I have not heard before) called "It's Over My Head", with Brian playing guitar and backing vocals. The Wish also performed 8 tracks from their forth coming album. The tracks performed were:

  • Other Side of the World
  • Baby Blue
  • Money's All Gone
  • High on the Hillside
  • Sunlight
  • Virginia Hills
  • Big House
  • Midnight Fire

Stewart told me before they started that they were using the night to help get the kinks out of their performance to become tight and polished. If anyone else has managed to see them tell me about it and your words may find their way onto the site.

Stewart also told me that Brian is still tinkering with the mixing and some minor lyric changes of some of the songs. The original release date has slipped to January 2003, although it sounds a little later - perhaps February / March 2003.

21st November 2002

After a number of quick e-mails, Virginia tells me that The Wish's website is now under development. The site will include samples of tracks from the album plus free downloads of new tracks, however, these will include ones that do not appear on the album. Other items will include live dates listing, photographs, etc. all the usual band site stuff.

5th November 2002

Virginia Irving, wife of Stewart Irving, contacted me to announce that the group, which had been called The Cheeky Buffaloes are now officially known as The Wish. The band, comprising of Stewart Irving, Debbie McKenna and Brian Spence (with Virginia as manager) are nearing the completion of their debut album. Instead of reading my words, read on and read Virginia's e-mail.

Hi there Mark,

Sharing a beer last night with Brian and Stewart Irving reminded me to visit your Brian site - it's great! He's right when he says you know more about him than he does!

I wanted to give you an update on the band that Brian, Debbie and Stewart (note the spelling) have put together. After much deliberation and several bottles of wine, they have settled on a name for the band - The Wish. As you already know, they showcased some of their original songs on 23rd July at The Blue Last and their next gig will be a 30 minute originals only set at O'Connors, Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London, N13 on Monday 18th November. Please try and get there for some moral support, and could I please be so bold as to ask you to mailshot the folks that you have on your database about this gig. Many thanks!

The Wish are also appearing at The Cleadh, Church Street, Hendon, North London on 21st November and 19th December although these gigs will consist mainly of covers but they will throw in some of the new material as well.

Brian told me last night that The Blue Last is planning an originals only night for Tuesday evenings and want The Wish to 'host' these evenings. Don't have a start date yet but as soon as we do we'll let you know. Next year sees a lot more gigs for The Wish and we'll obviously give you dates as soon as we can.

Brian, Stewart and Debbie have now composed and recorded 15 tracks, all of an unbelievably high quality. Anyone who is sick of the pop pap that we're being force-fed right now will find their songs a breath of fresh air (or to borrow a line from one of the tracks, The Spell: "You came floating on a breeze, brought me to my knees, like a hurricane"). They are aiming to have the tracks fully finished and mastered by the end of November and the intention is to produce the album ourselves and get it out there to a hopefully receptive audience!

Tracks that will definitely make the final cut are:

Midnight Fire
The Spell (Wouldn't Anybody Wonder)
Postcards From Spain
High On The Hillside
Baby Blue
Big House
Money All Gone
Virginia Hills
This Time

We'll send you the lyrics and some of the tracks for streaming as soon as we have a finished master.

We'll be building The Wish's website this Friday, hopefully it will be ready for uploading to the registered address within the week. May we put a link onto your site? The address (not that you'll find anything much there at the moment) is www.the-wish.com.

I'll be in touch again soon.

Kind regards
Virginia Irving, Manager (yes, we do like to keep things in the family!)

If you sign up to the mailing list you would already know about this news. So why not sign up now? Click on this e-mail news link or on the link on the navigation button.

I will also start setting up a new The Wish page which you should see soon along with, hopefully, some audio files for you to download.

25th July 2002

On speaking with Brian about the evening at the Old Blue Last he revealed that there is a Wonderful World (Brian and Debbie) gig page set up listing appearance dates. On visiting the page (click on the new "Live Dates" button) the visitor will not only see a list of dates through until October 2002 with something taking place on virtually every Friday, Saturday and Sunday but also a picture of Debbie.

So, if you are looking for something to do, and you happen to be in the London area, why not go along and support Brian and Debbie.

23rd July 2002

The Wish at The Old Blue LastBrian Spence, Debbie McKenna and Stuart Irving performed a set of 10 new tracks, before an audience of friends and musicians, at the Old Blue Last venue in Shoreditch, London. Amongst the tracks, penned by all three members of the band, were songs "Virginia Hills" and "Midnight Fire". In addition there were songs about a home sharing in the 2000's and a disastrous wedding day. All the tracks sounded great on first hearing and will definitely grow the more times they are heard.

The three, whose name has yet to be finalised (although they were originally to be known as "The Cheeky Buffaloes") stated that the 10 tracks will eventually appear on a new album, to be supported by a tour. The name of the album and the tour dates have also yet to be agreed.

May/June 2002

Brian Spence will be visiting major record companies hoping that they will pick up on the acoustic album by The Cheeky Buffaloes, who comprise of Brian, his partner Debbie McKenna and Stuart Irving.

4th January 2002

Bill Kenwright, a theatre producer, announces that he hopes to be able to bring "Jeanie Skye", a historical musical by Brian Spence, based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel "Kidnapped" to the Edinburgh stage in 2002. For more information

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