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Cast and Crew of Norwich's Picnic At Hanging Rock

The Cast

The College Staff

Role Who
Mrs Appleyard Hannah-Claire Cameron
Dianne de Poitiers Olivia Smith
Miss Greta McCraw Michelle Gothard
Miss Dora Lumley Alexandra Baldry
Edward Whitehead Dan Robinson
English Cook Bethany Springall
Minnie Harriet May
Irish Tom Phil Poole

The Public

Role Who
Michael Fitzhubert Edward Bartram
Albert Crundall Alex Green
PC Jim Bumpher Callum Bicknell
Mrs Bumpher/Nurse Eleanor Cable
Dr McKenzie John McInnes
Mrs McKenzie Emily Stewart
Detective / Reporter / Porter John Gale
Reverand Lawrence Oliver Church
Mrs Lawrence Gabrielle Farrar
Mr Crompton Dan Robinson
Mrs Compton Charlie Mullen
Maid Pollyanna Payne
Shaman Charlie Mullen

Senior Boarders


Miranda Sinclaire Emily Stanghan
Irma Leopald Ritika Gupta
Marion Quade Harriet Millsopp
Edith Horton Charley Nicol
Rosamund Emma Godwin
Blanche Grace Birchall
Henrietta Kirsty Hobson
Juliana Catriona Dunn
Muriel Olvia Jermy
Hazel Kayley Campling
Eleanor Eleanor Freeman
Glynes Augusta Urquhart
Susan Emilie Delacave
Harriett Phoebe Robinson

Junior Boarders

Role Who
Sara Waybourne Ellie Hitchcock-Wyatt
  Nicola Myers
  Polyanna Payne
  Emma Hune
  Daisy Winchester
  Lydia Whiting

Other Roles

The Watchers
Women of the Rock
Sam Miller
Emily Stewart
Owen Jack
Gabrielle Farrar
Nick Hewetson
Eleanor Cable
Stuart Green
Augusta Urquhart
Ted Sale
Grace Birchall
Jack Solloway
Phoebe Robinson
Maisie Payne
Jessica Stewart
Madison Bicknell
Megan King
Ellie Bowater

The Crew

Who Role
Robert Johns Adaptor
Brian Spence Music and Lyrics
Adrian Connell Director
  Associate Director
Adrian Connell Musical Director
Marina Bill-Eteson Choreographer
  Assisted by
  Costume Design and Make up
Adrian Connell Lighting
Kymm Loveday Stage Manager
  Set Builder
  Props and Stage Management*
  Follow Spot Operators

* The Props and Stage Management people also had roles on the stage.

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