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A Brian Spence Fan's Web Site


Debbie and BrianSpence Music is a web site about Brian Spence, the singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumental musician and all-round nice-guy who creates and performs fantastic music.

On this site you can find out about Brian's albums "Brothers" and "Reputation" along with "MacGregor's Trap", his marriage to Debbie McKenna, the band The Wish and musical Picnic at Hanging Rock. In addition there is also information on his early career with Bilbo Baggins and Chisholm and Spence.

This web site is 100% unofficial, although Brian has visited the site he has not told me to stop (yet) or to "get a life" (maybe soon). There are a couple of other sites about Brian, one in German and one in Japanese (the very first). Please support these sites too by visiting them. I have provided links to these on the navigation column on the left by using nationality flags.

Latest News

25th April 2011

Another Year: Hopefully you had a good year last year.

Firstly, it has been a while since I have updated the website with any news. But that doesn't mean nothing is happening. I haven't been saving this up, I just don't always find the time to update the website as often as I would like.

The Wish Album: The 2003 album "Postcards" by The Wish, Brian and Debbie's band with Stewart Irving (formerly with South African band Ballyhoo) is now available again via TuneCore (an on-line music distribution service for artists so that their music is available at iTunes, AmazonMP3, Zune, Rhapsody, eMusic and others). Below is a TuneCore gadget for you to listen to samples of the album and a link to be able to download the album should you like what you hear - and why wouldn't you? The buy link takes you to the iTunes website where you can buy the album for $9.99 (approximately £6.20 or €7.10).

I have also placed this gadget into the Shop and The Wish pages. The album is still also available in traditional format, i.e. an actual CD, available from the Spence Music Shop page.

Naoki's Fan BookNaoki's Booklet: Japanese fan Naoki Sawada has produced a booklet on Brian, featuring covers, lyrics, pictures, etc. Naoki runs the Japanese fan site, Icoan Music, covering a number of artists including Brian. Naoki sent me and Brian a high quality printed copy of his booklet and very slick and professional it is. Naoki is now making this fan book available to everyone and I have created a new webpage to feature it. On this page you will be able to see images from the book and where you can also download a copy for yourself. Do have a look as I'm sure you will like what he has done. Go to Naoki's Fan Book. Link You can also visit Naoki's site at Icoan Music.

Map of Venues: I was playing with Google Maps when I was planning a trip and in learning about it I decided to created a map showing the location of venues Brian has played at. It is still early days, so do have a look and tell me what you think. Would you be interested in this? If there is a venue I have not plotted why not tell me about it. Link

Campo Pequeno Videos: Since I created the Campo Pequeno pages I have now added a page with the videos from fans that have been uploaded to YouTube. Naturally some are better than others but all are worthy of watching. I have given credit to the uploader. Link

Nuno and Maria with BrianMeeting You: One of the things that I like most about Brian is his warmth and openness towards everyone. When fans of his arrive at a venue Brian is playing he will always makes time to have a chat with them and, if possible, Brian will play a track or two for them. This was the case when Nuno and his wife Maria went to see Brian in The Lord Morpeth in Bow, London on the last Saturday of March. Nuno and Maria, both originally from Cascais/Estoril area of Portugal but now living in the UK, travelled to see Brian play to the locals of the area. Whilst there the locals welcomed Nuno and Maria with open arms and Brian and Debbie played a number of Brian's own music (Come Back Home, Hear It From The Heart and Will You Never Be My Friend) along with their normal array of covers.

Facebook Group: Linking in with the above theme, why not join the Brian Spence Fans group on Facebook? For those of you have yet to discover this group, now is the time to click on the link and join. Here you can link in with fans like yourself and join in discussions about Brian or related topics. If I hear of anything of high interest I will announce it on both Spence Music website and the Brian Spence Fans Facebook page. If you already use Facebook, just join us. If Facebook is new to you, it is a way for family and friends to communicate and send pictures or to tell everyone what is happening. It is how Nuno, mentioned in the above story, contacted me.

Your Articles: Although I host this site, I don't really consider it mine, I think of it belonging to the fans of Brian Spence. So, if you want to write your own article related to Brian Spence please feel free to do so and send it through to me. This could be a review of a concert appearance or when you met before a concert, after a concert or bumped into him somewhere. Tell me about your experience and your article could appear on this website. Have you appeared with Brian and Debbie? They used to get singers up on stage that they knew were in the audience to join them for a track or two. If you have done so, tell us about it.

2010 News Recap

I created a Facebook group called Brian Spence Fans. If you are a fan of Brian's music (and who isn't) why join. Go to Link

Campo Pequeno PosterIn a year that proves that quality is better than quantity, Brian plays a full rock concert at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, Portugal on 6th November. Brian was (sort of) supported by American band Great White. Anyone who was unable to go, or who wants to refresh their memories of a great night can go to the Campo Pequeno videos page Link to video page

When I tried to inform many of you, via the subscription, about the Lisbon concert I found that of the emails bounced back to me, either because the email address was out of date or due to spam filters. Since the Lisbon concert many more people have decided to subscribe to the Spence Music Newsletter. The more long term subscribers will know that I don't send out many newsletters. However, should you wish to be told about major events please can you ensure I have you latest email address and that you add my email address to your spam filters. My address is Mark~at~Spencemusic~dot~co~dot~uk (only without the obvious additions - I get lots of spam myself due to the address being on the internet). Alternatively, subscribe to the Facebook group mentioned about.

October saw Naoki from Japan visit the UK and meet Brian, one of his idols. Naoki was so pleased he hopes to repeat the visit.

June saw the death of a close friend of Brian's Tam White. Tam had been a big influence on Brian, having encouraged him to move to London to help get noticed. Tam was also the voice of MacGregor in Brian's musical "MacGregor's Trap".
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