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Being a teenager in Portugal during the 80's and living in Estoril (near Cascais) made me listen to Brian Spence music in all the clubs we used to go, Brian Spence was one of the favorites on the dance floor, and definitely my favorite.

Since that time I have been listening to his records, even in my marriage the DJ was told to play Brian's songs.

Actually, with 2 kids we still listen to the CD's in the car or at home and the eldest even carries Brian's songs in his mp3 player.

About 2 years ago, while checking some videos on YouTube, noticed that "You Will Never Be My Friend" wasn't there!!!

Sent an e-mail to Mark asking if Brian would authorize me or send more photos to make a video with his music.

So I did it, posted it on YouTube, and till now we already have about 10.000 viewers. (watch video here).

I know it probably seems to few, but as I been noticing most of it are Portuguese viewers, what makes me proud of probably being the nation who mostly remembers Brians musics.
Even today in clubs like 2001 (Autodromo do Estoril) and Plateau (Lisbon) his songs are played on regular basis.

There isn't an 80's Party that doesn't play songs like "Will You Never Be My Friend" or "Hear It From The Heart".

For years we waited for a chance to see Brian performing live in Portugal, and then, finally the day has came, 6 November 2010.

The idea of seeing Brian live in Portugal, became a dream come true, the minute that thousands of people found out about his live concert at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon along with "Great White" (Another famous band among Portuguese Rock lovers from the 80's and 90's).

So once again I exchanged e-mails with Mark (of Spence Music), asking if he was coming to see Brian and if we could meet, and so we did.

As we were getting close to the concert, I started receiving messages on YouTube from people all over Portugal saying they were coming to Lisbon and even from England that he was flying to Portugal just to watch Brian.

The venue, received Brian Spence with a major applause as he opened with "Reputation" from the album with the same name, followed by "Come Back Home", jumping into the "Brothers" and others songs, revisiting both, while preparing the crowd for the apotheosis with "Will You Never Be My Friend".

The public went crazy following Brian leads, singing those lyrics with over 20 years.

After that, one more song, "Get Your Rocks Off".

Brian, Debbie and the musicians said "Boa Noite, Lisboa" (Good evening, Lisbon) and left the stage, but the crowd wanted more and the band returned for a cover of "Rebel Yell" from Billy Idol, while the crowd jumped while singing along with Brian.

As a surprise, after this, everyone left the stage, leaving the public worried if did Brian forget to sing one of the favorites from the Brothers Album, "Hear It From The Heart", but after a few minutes that looked like an eternity returned to the stage and ended the second encore with one of the 80's songs that made all of us shout the lyrics in the dance floor.

The public looked happy and glad to came watch Brian, in the corridors everyone was talking about how good it was to listen to those songs, and how good the performance of band was.

Debbie, Milaida, Brian and Nyto

For about 30 to 40 people who had the luck to cross the corridors after Brian's show, had the chance to meet, take pictures and autographs from the man himself.

Yes I was one of the lucky, who had a chance to meet one of my teenage idols, and his wife.

This night was the proof that Brian's songs still makes us happy, and make us drive for km's just to hear him sing.

The "Brothers" album still is probably one of the most expensive and difficult records to find if we are talking about vinyl.

I can't wait for the chance to flight to England and watch him singing again, even if he will play just covers (I hope he will start including some of his song).

Nyto ( Nuno Patraquim da Conceição)
Morley Enterprises

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