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A Brian Spence Fan's Web Site


Debbie and BrianSpence Music is a web site about Brian Spence, the singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumental musician and all-round nice-guy who creates and performs fantastic music.

On this site you can find out about Brian's albums "Brothers" and "Reputation" along with "MacGregor's Trap", his marriage to Debbie McKenna, the band The Wish and musical Picnic at Hanging Rock. In addition there is also information on his early career with Bilbo Baggins and Chisholm and Spence.

This web site is 100% unofficial, although Brian has visited the site he has not told me to stop (yet) or to "get a life" (maybe soon). There are a couple of other sites about Brian, one in German and one in Japanese (the very first). Please support these sites too by visiting them. I have provided links to these on the navigation column on the left by using nationality flags.

Latest News

1st July 2012

Is this site dead?: No. It has not been updated in a while as I have been suffering with depression. One of the of side-effects of depression is that you really don't enjoy the things that you normally do. I'm still not over it, it can take a long time, but this is the first time I have wanted to up the website in quite a while.

For those of you who have missed regular updates, you can also join the Brian Spence Fans Facebook Group. Any one can be a member (as long as you post related items). As of writing there are 59 members, including Debbie, Brian's wife. So any interesting posts will be passed onto Brian.

So what happened Last Year?
Naoki, the big fan of Brian's, based in Japan, brought out a booklet based on Brian's work. You can download your own copy via Naoki's site at Icoan Music.

Brian was writing a new musical. Sorry, however, I am not allowed to say any more as Brian has sworn me to secretcy. As and when he is happy with everything I'm sure you will read about it here first.

Articles Held Over
Nuno, a Portuguese fan currently based in the UK, went and saw Brian and Debbie perform in one of their regular London pub venues. Below is Nuno and his wife's (Maria) write of their experience.

It has been nearly two months since Maria (my wife) and I had our memorable night at the Lord Morpeth (Nuno wrote this way back in May 2011) and this review is long due.

It was truly one of the greatest nights out we ever had. I already knew Brian is a great musician but we had the privilege of seeing the great guy he is, along with his wife Debbie who was also very nice with us.

Nuno and Maria with BrianWe felt truly special for having our favourites songs played and dedicated to us and, above all, the time we spent talking with Brian and Debbie. It was great talking with Brian about his music, the Campo Pequeno concert and life in general. Brian is too modest with his music, for me he is neck to neck with Bryan Adams, John Cougar or Russ Ballard. Sometimes you hear an artist you like live and it's a disappointment, this was not the case at all with Brian. I remember saying to Maria that some of the covers seemed better than the originals.

The pictures and videos we took made my friends, who also enjoy hits like "Will You Never Be My Friend", very jealous. We look forward to show up in another gig sometime soon.

I also need to thank you [Mark – SpenceMusic website host] for helping out the days before as I had a lot of questions and I went a lot more confident to the pub with your support. I have seen the article you wrote on the website, it looks very nice and I can testify we were welcomed with open arms by everyone at the Lord Morpeth.

The Wish
You can still get the album Postcards, by The Wish, Brian and Debbie's band with Stewart Irving from a couple of years back via the iTunes gadget below.

Can You Answer A Question
Emma Beyer contacted me last year and asked me a question I could not answer. So I asked Brian and he could not remember his name, but could "see" his face (it happens with old age). So I will ask you, his fans, to see if you can answer it. Who produced the video for "Come Back Home"? If you can answer this question, Emma (and me) will really appreciate it.

Images from Campo Pequeno
Manuel Fonseca also contacted me last year to tell me about so photographs on the Internet from the Campo Pequeno concert. I thought you would be interested in in these links, especially if you were lucky enough to be there (commiseration if you missed a this great night).



Brian on Stage
Brian and wife Debbie
© Arlindo Pinto
© Rui M Leal

Rui is a great person and I follow him on Facebook. I'm sure Arlindo is too and maybe, one day, I will get to say "hello" to both of them and say personally what great photographers they are.

Did I say Spence Music is on Facebook?

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