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All messages regarding Bilbo Baggins, the individual messages or this website are welcome. This is the Bilbo's official website but a tribute website to them. Any messages for them will be forwarded to the relavant person where we can, but please do not expect a reply and they are still busy people and no response can be disappointing.

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Some guy |
I think I did a lot of the 1978 gigs (Night Flight was the PA company); There was a disaster at Barnstaple (I think) when a split lead caused feedback for a few minutes at the start of the gig; We also pulled the back of the stage off as we were packing up; Brian was the first guy I ever saw playing a guitar synth!
Monday February 2012

David |
I saw BB on TV singing Saturday Night and loved it and it is still one of my fave 45's today; I couldn't wait for pocket-money day so I could buy it (and still have it) BB should have been huge, perfect look and sound for the time and Colin's vocals rivalled any; Amazing group;
Friday May 2011 - Stockton-on-Tees

margaret |
God this brings back memories ,i remember BB,s playing in shuffles in Glasgow,s Sauchiehall St , we thought [my friends and i ]that they were a fantastic group [and they were] i had my first crush on Brian i thought he was soooo cute ;, ahh happy carefree days , what a lovely trip down memory lane Thanks
Thursday September 2010 - Glasgow

william cairns |
hi (DEV) TOSH and all, omg where have the years went, last time i saw u tosh was in the Leith Dockers Club, i was gigging that night; anyway (DEV) was so sorry to hear about ur mum,loved her to bits, everytime i spoke to her, i asked of u, oh,; and your record, hold me, well funny thing, i got it this morning on youtube, i lost mine over the years; brilliant; was nice to see u on sunday; hope all is well;
Tuesday July 2010 - scotland

Sue |
My god I can't believe how brilliant this site is - well done! I adored Bilbo back in the day having quickly ditched the BCrs for them :) Although my teenage heart beat faster at the thought of Fid I ADORED Colin - what a voice & great to look at too; I did a really good sketch of him in my art class once & ended up having to include it in a project in order to avoid detention; Happy days; I still have several of the 45s and Back Home is still one of my all time favorite records; Love you guys xxx
Tuesday August 2009 - wales

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